Visiting Paphos This Summer? Here Are 5 Gorgeous Places You Should Definitely Check Out!

Ok, the dice is cast! Tickets are booked, accommodation chosen and your mind is already there, waiting for your body to come along! Paphos (and Cyprus in general) won your heart this summer, and you probably wonder where and how you should spend your precious days on the island.

Steeped in legends and sagas, delicious cuisine and golden coated shores, Cyprus is an exhaustible chest of treasures for tourists and visitors – and a Paphos is a prime example. Still, we can pick a few sights and attractions that would be a shame to miss. So, here are 5 gorgeous places you should definitely visit in Paphos this summer!

  1. The Paphos Harbor & Castle

Starting its bloody course as a Byzantine fort repelling fierce sieges, Paphos’ Castle and harbor breathes a mesmerizing aura that visitors find irresistible. The Byzantines, Lusignans, Venetians, Ottomans, and British have left their traces on its stones and loopholes, encompassing the island’s heroic past and serving as Paphos most iconic symbol.

Hence, a ramble across its walls and walkways is a must for you this summer. Dominating the picturesque harbor, it offers the best spots for selfies, romantic walks during the sunsets and beautiful sceneries.

  1. Avakas Gorge in the Akamas Area

A holidaymaker’s paradise, the famed Avakas Gorge in the Akamas Area, is accessible both by the Ayios Georgios Peyias shore and through Arodhes village. Imposing rock formations and impressive cliffs, the Gorge stretches for almost 3 km, offering amazing views and a bewildering landscape teaming with local wildlife species (cunning foxes, speedy hares, awe-inspiring Falcons, and elusive reptiles), flowers and trees, such as pine trees, cypresses, junipers, wild fig trees, ferns and oaks.

Hence, take your hat, put your trekking shoes, pick a water bottle and spend an unforgettable day in this nature’s sculpture.

  1. The Peyia Sea Caves and the EDRO III Freetown Shipwreck


Peyia is nicely nestled among the coastal hills on the southern end of the Akamas Peninsula, a 15-minute drive from Paphos and has been a magnet for European ex-pats and tourists, and its magnificent sea caves.

The Peyia Sea Caves offer a truly wonderful geomorphological sight, of unique beauty across the whole island. The fierce battles of the waters against the shores have left the most beautiful scars:  deep caves, small islands, and iconic rocks formations urging you to explore the area and enjoy its clear crystal waters.

The area cloaks another impressive gem – the EDRO III Freetown Shipwreck, a commercial ship forced onto the rocks during a ravaging storm. Ever since its hulk has been a magnet for tourists and a great spot for snapshots.

  1. The Tombs of the Kings

In Paphos’ outskirts, history enthusiasts will find the legendary Tombs of the Kings. These inspiring underground tombs of the 4th century BC were carved out of solid rock, and combine a rare blend of Doric rhythm elements and Egyptian architectural features, which have made them a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Hrysopolitissa Basilica & St. Paul’s Pillar


Closing our list, it is the Hrysopolitissa Basilica, Paphos’ once largest basilica, dating from the 4th AD century (one of the oldest Christian churches in the world). Preserving significant wealth of its past glory, its columns and mosaics will inspire inside you mental pictures of its long-gone grandeur. At the western end stands St. Paul’s Pillar, which tradition wants it to be the place St. Paul was tortured for his faith in Christ.

Paphos is the ideal place for your summer escape, combining nature’s best, culture’s finest, and cuisine’s most exquisite. If you are fortunate enough to have booked already your holidays there, you will certainly have so much to see and enjoy – if not, there is still time to schedule your trip.

Magical Paphos awaits you this summer to give you the most memorable holiday! Do not forget to take a Segway Tour to visit many other wonderful places in Paphos in the most entertaining way.