Segway Tours & Rentals in Paphos, Cyprus

Who we are

Tour Kato Paphos area in an incomparable, revolutionary and exciting way. Enjoy a seamless glide of the town with Paphos Segway Tour while riding on the newest technology of Segway PT, the world’s first two wheel self-balancing electric personal transporters.

Rated as the Best Activity to do in Paphos as per the Tripadvisor, Paphos Segway Tour is only the second Segway tour company in the world to maintain a colourful fleet of both i2 and x2 Segways. Being colourful is part of our DNA as such feel free to mix and match with your attire, or choose a colour to stick out from the crowd. Just pick your favourite colour or the colour that suits your mood. At Paphos Segway Tour being colourful is about having fun and enjoying every moment of life, and that is the reason why our slogan is “ Certified Fun “!.

Certified Fun - 100%
Experience of a Lifetime - 100%
Experience More - Less Effort - Spectacular Photo Stops - 100%
Super Easy - 100%
Suitable For All Ages Above 12 Years of Age 100%

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Paphos Segway Tour will leave you with a fascinating picture book of Paphos that will last a lifetime!!!

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