5 Free Things to do During your Holiday in Paphos

Most people link vacations abroad with money splurges, but this is not always true. Upon setting your eyes on the majestic landscape of Paphos, you will reconsider.

The remarkable beauty of the natural environment explains why Greeks chose Paphos to be the place where Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty according to Greek mythology, landed when she arose from the sea. Due to this incredible gift of nature, there are various great things to do with zero cost. In this article, we have selected 5 things you can enjoy for free while enjoying your holidays in Paphos:

  1. Enjoy nature’s art at Peyia Sea Caves

Visit the Sea Caves in Peyia, and you will acknowledge that the first sculptor ever was the sea. Blunt cliffs with sculpted white caves in their base give evidence for that fact. You can find this masterpiece pretty easily, all the residents of the area know about it, and it is accessible in various ways. All in all, it is a feast for your eyes which doesn’t cost a single dime.


  1. Watch the dramatic sunsets from the beautiful coastlines of Paphos

It is not the vivi colors of the sky, ranging from warm yellow, to deep red and suffused fuchsia. It is not the relaxing sound of the waves gently caressing the shore. It is not the smell of sea that the light breeze brings forth. It is all of them bound together in a living scenery where you are the lead actor and protagonist. Feel all your senses touched by the spectacular vista as the sun hides its trails over the horizon.

  1. Walk and swim around the Aphrodite’s Rock

Ancient legend has it that this is the very same rock where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born. This same spot is also related to another famous story, the fight of a local legendary hero named Digenis Acritas. According to this story, Acritas cast this solid rock against the enemy fleets of the Saracens and managed to save his country. It is not a coincidence that this place is connected to both the definition of beauty itself and the remarkable achievement of a superhero. This place radiates both the great glory and yet the poetic lyricism of something so mystical through the ages. This free tourist attraction is located next to the main road that connects Paphos with Limassol. You are also free to swim there, but keep in mind that usually the waters there are a bit chilly.


  1. Take a walk around Paphos Harbor & Castle

Breathtaking battles, legendary heroes, castles, and dragons. No, it is not on the GOT. It is on the Pafos’ Castle. It all happened here. The rocks on the wall are here to tell the recount the epic chronicles. A walk around Paphos harbor and the Medieval Castle that was built to protect it will very easily trigger your imagination. It is the typical movie type castle, the one surrounded by water in which you must cross the bridge to get inside. But do not fear, you will not meet crocodiles or dragons. The castle itself has several levels and though it ages more than 800 years it is in excellent condition. The harbor hosts several events every year, and the fortress is the most prominent feature of the scenery. If you visit Paphos in late August, chances are you will catch the Aphrodite’s Festival, a must-see event for both locals and foreigners.

  1. Enjoy Paphos Town View from Armou Village


A small, traditional village with no more than 350 residents is proved to be a hidden treasure in Paphos. And this is due to its ideal position; it provides spectacular views of the city center of Paphos and open horizon sea views day and night. Enjoy a peaceful day in Armou and get to know the few residents, which are, in their multitude, English. To find the village, you can either take a bus from Paphos downtown or drive for 5 km in Limassol-Paphos highway.

Without a doubt, Paphos has a lot more to offer to its visitors. Learn fascinating stories and details about the history of Paphos and have an all-inclusive tour to the spots of striking natural beauty, by booking a Segway tour. Check out our site for more information.