The Top 5 Things to do in Paphos this Summer!

One of the most difficult things you can ask from a Cypriot is to describe the great things one can do in Paphos is less than 1000 words…

Indeed, such a task lies next to a Herculean feat! Paphos, especially at summer, is an amalgam of stunning beaches, historical sites, and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, making it an ideal summertime destination.

Wish to get a taste of what Paphos has in order for you? We are happy to present the top 5 things you will enjoy there this summer!

  1. Enjoy the Blue–Flagged Beaches

Paphos is literally surrounded by golden beaches – they are almost 30 scattered all around the city! But it is not just their number that’s impressive; it is their gold-dust sand, the revitalizing yet crystal-clear waters, and the warm sunshine raise them to excellence and puts them among some of the best in the world, especially the famed Coral Bay.

  1. Explore the Local History and Culture


Cyprus is one of the most early popularized and civilized areas in the world, with a documented history of more than 5 millennia – and Paphos is among its more interesting sites. What’s best? You can now explore all these wonderful archaeological parks & sites, historical monuments and places of cultural interest by joining a fun-packed, relaxed and unwearying Segway tour! Pick your color, learn the basics and leisurely ramble around the sites while our experienced guide shares fascinating information and engaging sagas. The historic harbor, the Tombs of the Kings, the ancient city of Amathus, Aphrodite’s Rock, and plenty more will undoubtedly impress inside you unforgettable moments.

  1. Savor Local Delicacies


Cyprus’ cuisine features the core principles of the healthiest diet in the world –the Mediterranean– enriched by tastes and secret of the Orient, Egypt and the near east – a truly magnificent blend! Hence, make sure you savor as much of the local delicacies as possible, particularly the fantastic Halloumi cheese (eaten by locals any hour of the day and used in countless recipes), the Sheftalia sausages, kleftiko and fish plates, as well as the celebrated Geroskipou Loukoumia.

  1. Take Selfies on the Paphos Castle


Paphos crowning jewel and most emblematic monument is, without a doubt, the imposing Paphos Castle. Constructed and used as a mighty fort by the Byzantines in the Middle Ages, it has then served as a prison, a fortress, storage facilities, as well as a castle. The views of the harbor and the surrounding landscapes are simply breathtaking and perfect for selfies that will bring down your Instagram account. Last but not least, Segways are by far the most popular way to visit and explore the castle! Our experienced guide will tell you all the fascinating details and take you to the best spots for your romantic snapshots.

  1. Make the Most of the Captivating Landscape

Finally, you should know that Paphos is the ideal base for exploring a vast and rather beautiful surrounding area. Endless stretches of beguiling seaside, the Akamas Peninsula National Park -a sheltered area of exceptional natural beauty – and the traditional village Ayioi Anargyroi, with its world-renowned healing spa, and several other points of interest invite tourists to make the most of the stunning surroundings.

A Take-Away Thought

Spending your summer in Paphos is an excellent idea – but why not make it even greater? Take a look at our Paphos Segway Tours and join the one that suits you best! Don’t delay, Book today!