5 Useful Travel Tips for your First Trip in Paphos

Are you planning your first holidays in Paphos? Get ready to fall in love with the excellent Mediterranean mild climate with a tropical twist in the summertime, the numerous awarded beaches (around 30 in total) with the crystal-clear waters, and the locals’ warm hospitality. No matter where and how long you choose to stay, one thing is sure; Paphos is the place to create fond and unique memories.

However, being a travel buff means more than merely enjoying a beautiful beach and a natural environment. It is about mingling with the locals and having a strong taste of the different culture and tradition. For that reason, we present you 5 simple but handy tips that will help you take the most out of your first contact with this enchanting city:


  1. Become an Early Bird

Waking up early, even at sunrise for the iron-willed ones, will give you a valuable advantage: time. Paphos is not only known for its remarkable beauty but also for its great history. With more than 14 archaeological sites, you need some extra time to visit them all, which you can achieve simply by denying a few hours of morning sleep. You will find that early morning hours are ideal for shooting spectacular photos, too. Non-crowded archaeological sites will give you the opportunity to feel the vibe of the past, a valuable experience!


  1. Meet the Locals

Learn the character of the city by meeting its people. Don’t be afraid to talk to the locals. Cypriots are well-known for their warm smile and polite manners. Plus, most of them are proficient in English. Start a conversation with a friendly local, and you never know; you might end up with a fascinating story to share with friends back home or even start a strong friendship and exchange ideas that might make your horizons broader!


  1. Observe Daily Life

In line with the previous tip, observing the everyday life of the locals will give you a taste of what is like living in Paphos, something an ordinary tourist might never get. How will you accomplish that? Simply by paying attention to details. Hear the locals speak – by the way, did you know that Cypriot Greek is closely related to ancient Greek? Try to learn some everyday phrases; it is a real ice-breaker! Observe how they interact with each other, their body language and their gestures – you will be surprised by the things you will learn about the culture, simply by paying attention!


  1. Be Attached to Your Camera

People may tease Japanese for capturing every single moment of their trip, but these guys are wise! Taking lots of pictures enables you to jog your memory vividly whenever you want to, thus making your life experiences immortal. In Paphos, you have one extra reason to do so: the natural beauty is captivating! And since you visit the city for the very first time, you do not know when you will come across a breathtaking view that deserves some memory space in your camera!


  1. Eat Local Food

You cannot taste another culture and tradition without having a taste of the local food! Cypriot cuisine has many delicacies to excite your palate! With the help of your local acquaintances, you will discover amazing flavors of traditional dishes. Order resi, a traditional dish of Paphos that is served in weddings or taste traditional wines from the villages of the area, and of course do not leave without sampling the world-famous halloumi, a semi-hard white cheese that is usually served in salads. Find the places where locals eat, and you will enjoy the authentic traditional food.


Just remember: Start early, make new friends, use all your senses… that is the simple recipe for meaningful holidays. Don’t forget to book a Segway tour that will show you the whereabouts of this magnificent town. Our tour guides will answer your questions and will train you on the spot so that you will ride the segway like a pro. Having a Segway Tour on your first days in Paphos will help you locate the places you want to visit the following days. Enjoy the ride, the trip, the experience!