Here Are 6 Tips for A Successful Segway Experience in Paphos

A simple glance at our customer reviews is sufficient to convince you Segways are the best way to enjoy your summer escape to Paphos, the gem in Aphrodite’s crown and native land, Cyprus. Segways are fun-choked, laugh-packed, easy to learn and ride and Paphos sets the ideal scenery for a tour on them.

As easily seen by reviews and feedback, riding a Segway is as safe as riding a bicycle – in fact, nowadays is even safer! Still, there are rules to be followed. Simple and straightforward, they guarantee your Segway Tour is as joyful as you dream it to be!

  1. Gentleness Beats Might

First of all, Segway’s require gentle, subtle moves, not abrupt and strong ones. So, there is no need to hard-handle the thing. If, for instance, you want to go left or right, just rock the handlebar gently towards where you would like to go, and it will run as smoothly as breathing.

The best thing about Segways is they are designed to move with your body, so it will not take long to master. Our experienced tutors will be right there with you, and with a couple of turns around our training yard you will feel comfortable and sure about your steering sooner than you imagined.

  1. Place your Foot Properly

Placing your feet properly is of the essence. Most newbies place them far too back on the foot boards, making their ride a bit unsteady. Ask our tutor to show you the best positioning.

  1. Remain calm

Panic makes the body move erratically, and that is the worst thing while on a Segway since it is designed to imitate your body’s movement. Thus, if you panic, it will too! If you wish it to stop then just stop moving – what can be easier than that?

  1. Slowing & Stopping

Since leaning forward is connected with forward movement, leaning backwards and shifting your weight has exactly the opposite effect – it slows down the machine and stops it. It resembles in some extent the movement of a horse rider wishing to stop or slow down his horse – but with more subtle moves.

  1. Balance is the Key

Place each foot firmly in the middle of the step area and use the balls and heels to shift your weight, a bit like using a clutch on a manual transmission vehicle. As soon as you get the feel of it, you will see that your brain will learn how to do it automatically, without prior thinking.

  1. Be Modest

Most Segways’ top speed is 11 – 12 m/h. The vehicle is designed to alert you when you reach maximum speed: the handle bars press back towards your waist. Since you are obviously new to the world of Segways, there is no reason to master such speeds from your first ride. Be modest, and in due time you will be ready to ride at maximum speeds with more confidence.

Segways are more than easy to learn – easier than cars, motorcycles, or even two-wheeled bicycles. Provided you remember the above tips and heed your instructor’s advice, your Segway experience in Paphos will become one of the most treasured memories of your life.

Hence, Don’t delay, Book today!