Segway tour in Paphos: 5 reasons to do it here!

So youíre planning a trip to Paphos and youíd love to see the sights and learn more about the area. The best way to do this is on a segway! Youíll see so much from your segway, youíll discover more about Paphos from your tour guide, and youíll also have absolutely loads of fun in the sun!


Discover 5 reasons why taking a segway tour in Paphos is a truly great ideaÖ


  1. Discover Paphos without the exhaustion!

Of course itís nice to take a gentle stroll when youíre on holiday, but Paphos has so many sights to see, getting around them all on foot takes a lot of time and it can be very tiring. Give your feet a rest, youíre on holiday to have fun and relax, not walk a marathon. With a segway tour, you can explore the open air museum that is Paphos, without having to spend all day walking. Why walk when you can glide?

  1. You get some stunning photo opportunities

Your tour guide will take you to all the best spots to take some amazing photos. From historic sites to beautiful views, youíll be able to capture them all on your tour. Donít forget a photo of you and your family on your segways too. Thatís certainly one worth sharing on social media!

  1. Itís the perfect eco-tourism trip

As segways are electric, you can take a segway tour without worry about your impact on the environment. Youíre not polluting the atmosphere of Paphos when you ride a segway. Itís a green tour all the way!

  1. Have fun while you learn the history of Paphos

When you tell the kids that youíre going on a tour to learn about history, you might end up with some groans. Then when they discover that the tour is going to be on a segway, well that changes everything! Education has never been so fun! Your tour guide is an expert on the history of Paphos and will have lots of interesting facts and stories to share with you. Any questions, just ask!


  1. Discover the magnificent shoreline of Limanki and Kato Paphos

Thereís something about gazing at a beautiful view that truly touches you, all your problems fade away and your mind clears. If itís gorgeous views youíre looking for, then you definitely wonít be disappointed in a tour that takes you along the shoreline of Limanki and Kato Paphos. With amazing panoramic ocean views, this tour is such a treat. Whether you tour when the sun is beaming down and reflecting off the clear blue sea, or in the evening when the sun is setting over Paphos, youíll find out just how beautiful this area really is. It will take your breath away!


All this Ė and more!

All this, and even more besides will be yours when you take a segway tour with us. Youíll receive expert training, but donít worry it doesnít take long to get to grips with controlling a segway, itís much easier than it looks! To book your tour today, and find out more about the amazing sights youíll see on the way, visit our website.