Time for a family trip? Why you should choose Paphos

Family holidays can be wonderful, the chance to spend quality time together, having fun, relaxing, making memories. But holidays can be stressful too. Making sure the kids are having a good time, not getting bored or over-tired. Careful planning is the perfect way to ensure your family holiday goes smoothly. Your choice of destination is really important. Pick somewhere like Paphos with great weather and plenty to do, and youíre halfway there. Plan what youíre going to do in advance, book some fun activities, but donít forget to add some rest days at the beach into your itinerary too.


Family fun in Paphos

The great thing about Paphos is that itís ideal for families. Itís very safe, and thereís plenty of things to do that everyone can enjoy. Here are some brilliant ideas for family-friendly things to do and see while holidaying in PaphosÖ


Visit a waterpark

The Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. The park is huge, set in 8.6 acres of land, and thereís a great range of rides so everyone will be able to enjoy their day. There are special areas for toddlers to play, a lazy river ride for total relaxation, plenty of high adrenaline rides and slides, and a special childrenís area with a shipwreck to explore! Youíll find places to sit and relax and many options for meals and snacks, itís certainly a great day out.


Go to the zoo

Paphos zoo is the largest zoo in Cyprus and itís home to more than 1200 animals. Itís a beautiful setting, youíll definitely enjoy strolling the grounds and discovering the creatures around every corner, from lions and monkeys to snakes and flying foxes. The zoo is open every day of the week and there are regular shows to watch which are worth scheduling into your day at the zoo.


Take a segway tour

There are so many sites of interest in Paphos, youíll want to explore them, but perhaps youíre worried that your kids will get tired of all the walking? Thereís no need to cut your journey short when you can see all that Paphos has to offer with ease when you take a segway tour. This is one tour that your grumpy teen wonít turn their nose up at, itís certainly not boring! If youíve never tried it before, you really must give it a go, itís such fun, youíll laugh, and youíll love it! Donít forget to take a camera to capture the moment!

Have a beach day

Everyone can get tired when youíre out and about every day. There are so many wonderful beaches in Paphos, youíve got the perfect place to relax and rebuild your energy ready for the next family adventure. When it comes to beaches you have a lot of choice, but one great family friendly beach is Coral Bay. Itís not too busy, and the water is shallow making it safe for the younger members of the family. This beach is spotless and has been awarded the coveted Blue Flag designation. You can rent loungers, tables and umbrellas, to give you a nice shady spot to sit in while you watch the children enjoy the fun of the beach.


You can book your segway tour online now

Planning what youíre going to do on holiday in advance is fun for the whole family to get involved in, and it will save you time when you get there. Why not book your Paphos segway tour now, and give everyone something really exciting to look forward to?