How to Budget Your Money During Your Stay in Paphos

Paphos is the place to leave your heart and mind, not your life savings!

There are ways to minimise your vacation cost while visiting this paradisiac destination, and we have gathered some of them in this short article. Besides, having more money to spend in this Mediterranean heaven will make the whole experience even better! So, try the tips listed below.

  • Spotting Accommodation in Paphos on a Budget

Paphos has become such a popular destination over the last few years, that prices on some hotels have skyrocketed. Still, there is plenty to do if you wish to find more affordable accommodation, without meaning by that that you will have to pass your nights in dumbs leaking water and having cockroaches as roommates. Nothing of the sort.

First of all, use websites that compare prices and contact the ones fitting your budget. Then check if there are any hidden charges, such as parking fees, use of spa and gym facilities, the pool etc. In some cases, hotels can significantly drop the price (especially during off-season months) if you do not plan to use such spaces and amenities since their workload and need of staff is much lower.

  • Plan your Visit on Early Fall

Second, schedule your visit in early fall. September and October are great months to visit Paphos since the beaches are much less crowded, the waters are still warm, and the sunshine is almost as intense as during the summer.

  • Free Admission

Getting something for free is, of course, the epitome of cost-efficiency. Paphos has numerous attractions, museums, sites that offer free access to certain dates and periods. Make a list of the ones that most interest you and plan your visit on those dates. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Some sites, mainly museums and archaeological sites, offer admission to more than one of its exhibition venues on discount, using a single pass.

  • Move Around the Clever Way…

There are plenty of ways to move around Paphos economically. Car rentals are much cheaper during off – season months, bus ticket prices are more or less the same, including taxis. Bicycle rentals are an excellent choice for families, but just around the city and harbour. Still, the best way to move around Paphos and see all the sights and attractions without draining yourself out of energy and developing blisters under your feet is the…

The Segway! Just pick your favourite colour, grab the steer, and you are ready to go! By joining one or several of our Paphos Segway Tours you will be able to move all around the town, including the harbor, the ancient Tombs, the Byzantine Churches, the great Mosaics and museums, as well as its mesmerizing surrounding landscapes, without any worries at all about heat strokes and exhaustion – both of your body and your wallet!

In short, move around Paphos the clever way – the Segway! This is actually the best season to do it. So, no more delay, book today!