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5 Reasons to visit Paphos 2017 the European Capital of Culture

Renowned as the birthplace of Aphrodite and one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful places in the island of Cyprus. Paphos town stands proud as a UNESCO world heritage site. In 2017 there are a few more things that will make Paphos an ‘Open-Air Factory of Culture’ and a place that is definitely worth visiting!

  1. Pafos (Paphos 2017) is the European Capital of Culture for 2017

Having won the international competition to become the European Capital of Culture for 2017 along with Aarhus in Denmark our beloved city is hosting the biggest European cultural initiative.

First and foremost Pafos 2017 aims to make the very best of all the town’s sites- from historical ruins to beachside splendors- by turning each and every one of them an ‘Open-Air Factory of Culture’. Visitors are invited to share experiences alongside locals as boundaries are blurred and everyone engages in cultural banter as an open factory for humanity, art and culture.

  1. A plethora of entertainment events

Through a plethora of events ranging from theatrical performances, musical concerts, open air art exhibitions, traditional gastronomy courses and many more, the Pafos 2017 events schedule has something for everyone!

There is always something going on, as such make sure you stay informed regarding all upcoming events through the Pafos 2017 website at

  1. Ramble through the old town

After several year of road-works and major revitalisation work in the old town squares, parks and small alleys, thanks to Paphos 2017 that breathtaking part of the city is again ready to welcome locals and visitors.

The Kennedy Square, the Makariou shopping avenue, the town’s traditional retail centre and the fruit & vegetable market are now a must visit area of the town.

Pedestrian & kid friendly, the newly revitalized old town offers scenic views of the old town’s traditional alleys and architecture. Visit the area on a weekday and ramble through the scenic alleys discovering hidden attractions such as the Hamam (Turkish Baths) and the revitalized mosque, or just dine in one of the traditional restaurants overlooking Paphos coastline. 

  1. Lively in summer, even more lively during the winter months!!!

During the winter months, locals & visitors alike were complaining that there are just not enough things to do in Paphos. However from Paphos 2017 onwards this is about to change.

The newly built Municipal Theatre, the renovation of the old cinema “Othello”, the newly renovated with world class acoustics Markidio Theatre, the Cultural Centre “Old Power House”, the Municipal Gallery along with those existing venues offer the proper infrastructure for year long events, exhibitions and activities.

  1. The sun is shining all year long!

Most importantly Paphos and in general Cyprus offers probably the best weather in the whole wide world. Hot summers, mild winters, and with more than 300 days of sunshine in a year you will have plenty of time to chill in the sun, enjoy the our numerous blue-flag beaches and explore the city.


Finally we would just like to mention that:

  • It will be a pleasure to see you in our city
  • It will be a pleasure to show you around our own Open Air Factory
  • It will be a pleasure to meet you in person
  • It will be a pleasure to take you out for a fun-filled sightseeing day on one of our Paphos Segway Tours