Blue Lagoon

Top 5 Activities to do in Paphos

1. Cruise with a self-drive Boat from Latchi to the Blue Lagoon

Rent a small self-drive from the Latchi Harbour and cruise to the famous Blue Lagoon. On the way explore some of the best-hidden bays, white sandy beaches and discover the majestic sea caves of the area. Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon is definitely recommended as well as having a picnic and enjoying a glass of local wine while taking on the views of what paradise must look like.

2. Mountain Biking at Panagia Forest, Cedar Valley & Kannaviou Dam

If you feel a bit more active and if you fancy a bit of cycling while on holiday there is no better area to do it than the beautiful Panagia Region. Ride a Mountain Bike through the piney woods of the Panagia Forrest and find your way towards Kannaviou Dam through the local vineyards and scenic village gravel roads. Don’t miss cycling around the dam and definitely stop and take a photo of the magnificent views of the Kannaviou Dam beautiful surroundings covered with wild vegetation and wild flowers. On the way back cycle towards the Cedar Valley to enjoy the lovely view of the rare cedar trees, which are found in large numbers in this valley of Cyprus.

3. Explore the Akamas peninsula wildlife forest with a 4×4 or a quad bike

Whether you are looking for a fun filled adventure with friends, a family friendly outdoor activity, or you are looking to do something adventurous but at the same time romantic with your other half, exploring the Akamas peninsula covers it all.

Rent from a local car rental shop a 4×4 jeep, or a quad bike, and start exploring the gravel paths and abandoned beaches of what is the only undeveloped area in the island of Cyprus. Enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna of this unique place. Make sure you have your camera ready since the breathtaking surroundings include valleys, gorges and wide sandy beaches, everything unspoiled from human touch.

4. Wine Tasting at the Paphos Wine Valley

A trip to Cyprus wouldn’t be complete without a journey of wine discovery, tasting the numerous award wining wine varieties that the island has to offer. Cyprus has been making wine for the last 5000 years, mostly thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate of the island. There is an abundance of small family owned wineries in the outskirts of the Paphos Region, that would be more than happy to open their doors to visitors. Recommended wineries to visit are Vasilikon , and Sterna wineries at Kathikas Village, Fikardo winery, and Vouni Panagia winery, as well as the run by the monks winery of Panagia Chrysorogiatissa located within the monastery at Panagia village. Excellent choices of local wine varieties are Xynisteri and Maratheftiko that are Cyprus true signature.

5. Go Hiking at Avakas Gorge

The excellent Cyprus gorge is located on the southern end of Cyprus’s Akamas Peninsula. The trail leading through the gorge is roughly 2,5 kilometres long with sheer rocks on both sides reaching up to 260 feet in height, the narrowest point being 10 feet wide. Soon you will be walking in the river (be careful since the stones are really slippery there). Views are breathtaking and deep inside the gorge you will encounter rare plants and flowers, reptiles, immense cliffs and even wild mountain goats. The Peninsula has lots of trails and paths for hiking and these walks are circular and are close to each other so it would be a good chance to visit Lara Turtle Beach and other beaches as well. Finish up your Hike with a few drinks at the Last Castle (only restaurant amazing within Akamas) and enjoy the breathtaking views of the peninsula.