At paphos ancient odeon

Paphos Segway Tour : Stay tuned, Stay Happy, Stay Colorful !!!

Hi everyone and welcome to Paphos Segway Tour.

I’m excited to announce today the introduction of our Paphos Segway Tour Blog.

The idea for a blog has been long in the back of our minds and we are delighted to convert it into reality today. We hope that the Paphos Segway Tour blog will be a wonderful way for all of us to share our news, and the news of our beloved city Paphos with you all.

The purpose of this blog will be to introduce and inform our guests about our new activities and tours as well as inform them about what is happening in Paphos and to the surrounding area.

As Cypriot residents of Paphos we love our city, we love our culture, we love our food, but most of all we love to share all this with you. From cultural events such as concerts, and art gallery openings, to sporting events in the region, as well as our best recommendations for day trips in the beautiful villages surrounding our beloved city, we will always have something to make your day a bit more colorful a bit more fun, a bit more tasty!

Stay tuned, Stay Happy, Stay Colorful !!!


The Paphos Segway Tour Team