Selfie Lover? 5 Perfect Places to Take Perfect Photos Of You In Paphos

Paphos a small corner of the earth, where taking photos and selfies can turn into a full-time occupation for all first-time visitors! Astonishing sights, such stunning views and mesmerising landscapes, you could quickly fill up your memory cards and miss some truly only-in-Paphos spots in this place of beauty.

That is why we have decided to help a bid. We present to you five perfect places for selfies (or any photo whatsoever) in Paphos!

  1. Petra Tou Romiou

“Petra tou Romiou” is actually not a single spot, but a wide area and probably the most beautiful shore in the whole island. Its stunning natural beauty is logically the reason the ancients thought it as the most probable place the goddess of love, the famed Aphrodite, rose from the turbulent sea waters in the region.

Its peculiar name, “Petra tou Romiou” (which actually means “the Rock of the Greek”), originated from several sagas and tales about a formidable medieval warrior, Digenis Akritas, who single-handedly crushed the invading hordes of the Saracens at the bay with his amazing strength, using the rock that dominates the area.

Upon this rock, as well as in several other spots on the shore, you will take snapshots and selfies that will bring down the Instagram!

  1. The Castle of Paphos

Initially, the Paphos castle served as a stronghold, shielding the harbour against raiders and pirates. The crusader house of the Lusignans took hold of it and extended its fortifications, which is exactly what the Ottomans did when they conquered the island at the dawn of the 16th century.

Considered as one of the most emblematic monuments of Paphos, the Castle hosts several cultural events. Among the most famed is held in early fall, namely the Paphos Aphrodite Festival, presenting operas with world-famous artists. Either you make it on time for the festival or not, opportunities for amazing selfies in the area are innumerable.

  1. Tombs of The Kings

Covering a rather large area, the Tombs of the Kings are imposing underground burial grounds built for aristocrats of the Hellenistic Age. So, they are not exactly regal, but their craftsmanship, precious materials and immense dimensions would surely suit a royal family of the first order. Just picture yourself taking photos beside chambers that were actually carved out of solid rock, almost 2.5 millennia ago!

  1. The Adonis Baths

A place of paradisiac beauty, the Adonis Baths waterfalls are located in Kili and is among the most stunning pots in Cyprus. According to the legend, Adonis, a young man of dazzling beauty that won the heart of Aphrodite, tended his horses and bathed here. Unfortunately, Artemis, the hunter-goddess and rival of Aphrodite, and Mars, Aphrodite’s jealous husband find a way to kill the dashing youngster, who left his last breath in the arms of his lover.

A place inspiring such tales cannot be but of indescribable beauty and ideal for your photo album.

  1. The Akamas Peninsula

Finally, do your best to take some snapshots of the Akamas peninsula, an area covering around 230 km2, featuring superb and almost unharmed natural beauty. Extremely valuable for the great number of different habitats that have found refuge there, including plants, flowers, trees and animal species, the Akamas Peninsula is the Garden of Eden for photography buffs who love nature!

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