Learn How to Get the Most Out of Paphos in Just 2 Hours

Great sites like Paphos, are fantastic travelling destinations posing a severe challenge ? especially to people getting there for the first time in their lives: they offer so much to hear, see, taste and feel that the average traveller could not possibly include in a few days stay.

Well, Paphos Segways tours found a way to tackle the problem, and gives you a unique chance to see Paphos most amazing attractions and sights in just a couple of hours!

Intriguing, wouldn’t you say?

Segway The Only Way

True, Segway is the only way to see and feel Paphos hidden charm and beauty in such a little time. Choose your Segways colour, ride on and, after mastering the basics, embark our award-winning tour, which has been rated as the Best Activity to do in Paphos!

Let us check the sights and attractions included in our Tour.

The best place to start is the Medieval Fort of Paphos, an emblematic construction numbering already more than eight centuries of relentless raids, fierce battles, earthquakes, economic growth and remains victorious against the hardships of the time.

Next, you will explore the quaint and charming fishing Harbour, as well as the coastal path leading to the Kato Paphos Archeological Park, where you will have the chance to appreciate the area’s long and glorious past and learn about its people, their beliefs and way of life.

Paphos has always been an important religious centre, especially after the advent of Christianity. One of the earliest and most significant monuments of Christendom is the Basilica of Panagia Chrysopolitissa and Paul’s Pillar, where, according to the legend, apostle Paul was tortured by adversaries of the faith.

Next, you will have the chance for a romantic break to the Paphos Lighthouse, and a series of highly exciting and educative visits to the local ancient Theatre and city walls, the medieval Ottoman baths and the stunning shores of the Limanaki and Kato Paphos.

Do not make the mistake of supposing that was it. Our tour involves many more amazing historical attractions, prime examples of traditional architecture, picturesque alleys and majestic views, enabling you to take countless fantastic photos of places, artefacts, landscapes and of course yourselves.

Could you ever imagine a funniest, most educational and exciting way for you, your family and friends to visit all these fantastic sights and attraction than a Segway Ride and in just two hours.

And the best part, If one tour does not seem enough, you can book as many as you like during your stay!

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