9. What if I have booked a tour and it rains on that day?

Segway Personal Transporters are all-weather. Tours can operate in rain or shine, but at Paphos Segway Tour we run tours ONLY on a shiny, warm, sunny day and not like other companies that they run business even when the weather is heavily raining.

Our Rain Check Policy allows you to reschedule your Paphos Segway Tour when it is raining. Your safety is our priority at Paphos Segway Tour and will not run a tour when itís raining and jeopardize your safety for the sake of a tour

When itís raining heavily we will not jeopardize your safety for the sake of a tour, because:

  • It’s unsafe
  • The tour will not be as enjoyable
  • You will not be able to capture pictures as if it was nicer weather.

At Paphos Segway Tourís discretion for the above obvious reasons when itís raining heavily we have created the ďRAIN CHECK POLICYĒ.

Customers not wishing to take their scheduled tour because of weather concerns or conditions, are allowed to reschedule (“Rain Check”). “Rain Checks” do not have an expiration date. This policy is designed to cater to out-of-towners who are unable to find a satisfactory date to reschedule to while still in Paphos on their current visit. They have the option of taking their tour at any future date when they will be in Paphos again, or they may transfer their tour to friends or family. This can be accomplished with a simple phone call. Sometimes when the rain is light, we can still provide the service but the final decision is on your hands. We give you the benefit of the doubt and at the same time a Rain Check with No expiration date.