2. What is a Segway?

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is a one of a kind self balancing device designed to go anywhere people go. The transporter is amazingly easy to use and operate. The Segway PT has five gyroscopes that automatically react to your body’s movements, when it should speed up, slow down or stop.

In August 2006 Segway Inc. unveiled the newest models: i2 and X2 with the innovative Leansteer™ technology and wireless InfoKey™. The new Segway models move in any direction that the rider leans into. The rider stands between the two wheels on a small platform while he/she holds onto a T- bar (handlebar). Segway PT’s operate along pedestrian pathways and walkways and do not require you to possess a license to ride one. They are safe and fun devices. Riding a Segway PT is the best way to get around town and see sights of interest.