Segways are safe and fun devices and it takes everyone literally 5-15 minutes to get used to them and be comfortable riding on them. They are absolutely SUPER EASY to ride and literally everyone above 12 years of age can have a fun and enjoyable ride within minutes. Age is certainly not a requirement when riding the Segway and our oldest customer so far was 85 years of age. To prove that and to encourage more customers to participate in our tours, we have established our BOOK NOW WORRY FREE POLICY !!!

Our BOOK NOW WORRY FREE POLICY is specifically designed for those that are concerned/worried whether they are going to manage to ride the Segway.

With this new policy we make it official that whoever attends our training procedures and at the end of the training procedures he/she are not feeling fit to ride on tour with us, or believe that the Segway Tour is not for them, we will provide them with a FULL REFUND.

So why are you still thinking about it? BOOK NOW WORRY FREE !!!