Easy ways to save money when visiting Paphos

Looking for a fun filled holiday in the sun on a budget? Paphos is the perfect holiday destination, for a romantic break for two or a big family adventure. Going away can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here are our top tips for saving cash on your next trip to Paphos.

Choose your flights with care

The first thing you’ll probably be doing when you’re planning your trip to Paphos is to book your flights. The flight you choose can make a huge difference to the price you pay, so don’t book in a hurry. Bypass the travel agents and do the work yourself. The more flexible you can be on dates on times, the more options you’ll have. Take a look at flights from different airports. Your nearest airport may end up more expensive to fly from than another airport just a little further away. Some airlines may be cheaper one way, but more expensive on the return journey. There’s nothing stopping you booking your outbound flights with one airline and your return flights with another. With just a little extra work, you can save hundreds of pounds.

Check the prices with the hotel direct

So many of us go through a third party when we book hotel accommodation overseas. You wouldn’t do that at home, so why should you do it just because your hotel is in another country? These days it’s so easy to book hotels online, regardless of country, so always check out the rate with the hotel direct before you book through a travel agent or hotel booking site.

Consider flying with hand luggage only

These days, you can find some cheap flights, only to discover it’s going to cost extra for your checked baggage. Most airlines have fairly decent hand luggage allowances, allowing you to take a mini suitcase onboard. Pack light and you can save a lot of money. Toiletries can be bought when you get there, and you can wash your clothes part way through your trip. It’ll soon dry in the Paphos sunshine!

Weigh up the best value meal options for your family

There is no one right option when it comes to choosing self catering accommodation, bed and breakfast or all inclusive. If you like a few alcoholic drinks on holiday, or you have kids that are constantly snacking, then you may find all inclusive will actually save you money. However, if you don’t drink, and you love to prepare your own food then self catering accommodation will certainly be great value for money. For those who are late risers, a hotel with a late breakfast included could work well as you can fill up at breakfast and just have a small snack at lunchtime.

Choose good value entertainment and attractions

There is a wide range entertainment and attractions in Paphos. You’ll want some treats on your holiday, but some attractions can be very pricey, especially if you’re travelling as a large family. Look for things to do that represent good value for money such as a segway tour. With a Paphos Segway Tour you’ll get several hours of fun for a very reasonable price.

Cheaper holidays means more frequent holidays!

The more you save on your Paphos holiday, the more spare cash you’ll have to put away for your next trip to Paphos! You can have a brilliant time in the Paphos sunshine without having to spend a small fortune. There’s plenty to see and do for free or for cheap if you do your research and get savvy with your holiday booking. Have a brilliant time ? we know you will love every minute!