In Cyprus Summer Never Ends! 5 Things to Do on a Sunny Day in Paphos

Pafos is a genuine summertime dreamland; and the best of it? It remains so all year round!

Since Summer in Cyprus never ends, Paphos offers a vast variety of thrilling experiences and sights to visitors, and plenty of sunny days to enjoy them! Read on to find out 5 of the best things you can do during your stay at Pafos.

  1. Explore the Legendary Castle

The most prominent emblem of Paphos’ legendary past is its Castle. The corner stone was set during the Byzantine times, but later on, the castle underwent several periods of damages and restorations. If you seek a place with an uninterrupted history of more than 700 years, you have hit the spot. The well-preserved fortifications get crowded, especially during early September afternoons, where the Pafos Aphrodite Festival comes live right in front of the Castle’s facade.


  1. Visit Palaiokastro

Palaiokastro is considered the cradle of Cyprus’ ancient civilisation. In its small museum, you will get the chance to learn fascinating facts about the islands prehistoric glory and its colonisation by the Mycenaean Greeks. The museum itself is rather interesting too due to its unusual architecture: its general layout is modelled on the synthesis of shield and spear laid down on the ground. As a bonus, on the left side of the museum, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole island, the Coral Beach.

  1. Marvel at Paphos’ Mosaics


Paphos’ ancient mosaics are rightly considered among the finest specimens of this long forgotten art, a lively emblem of Greco-Roman civilisation’s might, wealth and excellence.

Found in the Kato Paphos region, they will astound you with their remarkably vibrant colours, sophisticated elegance and attention to detail. Unearthed by archaeologists around 60 years ago, they span from the second century BCE, the height of the Hellenistic age, to the fourth century CE, the dawn of the Byzantine Empire. Visiting Paphos and not having the chance to marvel at these wonders would be nothing less than a crime.


  1. Visit the Ottoman Baths


Also known as the “Frankish” Baths, these exquisite facilities are found on the Eastern walls of Paphos’ ancient ruins. Standing out for their domed roofs, their construction dates back at the dawn of the Ottoman conquest, around 1450. Among the few Frankish monuments still in relatively good condition in Paphos, they served as the town’s most significant social centre, where men of all ranks enjoyed their bath, made their deals, socialised and expanded their business. They were used for bathing up until the 20th century, but during the 50’s the Municipal Cultural centre Paphos made its home there. Recently, the facilities are also used for weddings! Inspiring, don’t you think?


  1. Taste a local Beer

On your way to other historical sites in Paphos, why not take a break and sip a refreshing cold ale? During the previous years, the family-run microbrewery located on the Polis Road from Paphos to Tsada has gained the respect and commendations of numerous international organisations and the love of countless visitors. Nowadays, a visit to the brewery is a must, both for its engaging and informative exhibition on the variety of beers and ales and, of course, its excellent produce!

So many things to do, aren’t they? Don’t worry though; we have the perfect solution in store! Book a Segway tour and visit most of the Paphos’s attraction in a snap, while learning all sorts of interesting spots and the stories that made them famous! Book now and enjoy your ride!