3 Secrets Paphos City Hide from You

Upon hearing a city’s or places’ name, we instantly form a mental picture of the area, boiling down all we have heard about it to a distorted, at worst, or an oversimplified, at best, version of what the site is or stands for. Venice is full of overcrowded canals, London is teeming with expensive shops […]

How Segway Touring Around Paphos Can Help Your Mental Health

Most people do not react well when they get anxious or overstressed – and the first thing they usually do is stop doing things they love; in other words, they have less and less fun. Actually, this is the worst reaction to their problem. Why? Because fun is the best source of energy out there. […]

Getting Smarter with Paphos Segway Tour

Paphos boasts a long-age history, with surviving evidence of its past dating as back the Neolithic period – the age modern civilisation dawned. Interwoven with myths about gods and goddesses, and sagas of mighty warriors and devout saints, Paphos’ history rivals its sublime physical beauty. Since you need a warm-up before getting there in the […]

Paphos Bucket List: 5+1 of the Best Things to Include in Your Trip

Paphos is a truly beautiful destination that’s steeped in history. Whether you want the thrills of a water park, a trip back in time at a heritage site or simply to relax and unwind at one of the many beaches, Paphos in western Cyprus has it all. When you visit any new place, it’s a […]

Learn How to Get the Most Out of Paphos in Just 2 Hours

Great sites like Paphos, are fantastic travelling destinations posing a severe challenge – especially to people getting there for the first time in their lives: they offer so much to hear, see, taste and feel that the average traveller could not possibly include in a few days stay. Well, Paphos Segways tours found a way […]