An Architecture Buff? 5 Chapels & Churches You Must See During Your Stay in Paphos

Interested in history and architecture? Then your vacation in Paphos will not let you down!

This gorgeous coastal town, apart from being a tourist magnet in the summertime, is also included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO and has been selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2017 due to the city’s exceptional historical and architectural value.

Yes, exploring Paphos entails so much more than just having a great time off and enjoying the natural environment. The numerous remains of the past can be found all over the town, each one revealing a unique story and traveling visitors through time. Though Paphos’ treasure trove is bottomless, we picked five sites you simply must visit before leaving the island

  1. Panagia Chrysopolitissa Church.


A beautiful monument, found very close to the harbor of Paphos, is Panagia Chrysopolitissa Church. The church’s main structure was built in the 13th century, but the most interesting part is that it was erected upon the ruins of the largest 4th-century Byzantine basilica on the island. Among other things, this place is famous for Saint Paul’s Pillar, the column Apostle Paul was supposedly tied and tortured for preaching Christ’s Gospel.

2.   St Nicolas Church, Kato Paphos. This small chapel might not boast an ancient past since it was built in 2013, yet the simplicity of the whole structure and the majestic view will certainly beguile your heart. That is why countless tourists and locals select it for their wedding ceremony. Visit the spot at sunset, and you will be breath taken by the view! No wonder why it is known as the “sunset point!”

3.  Agia Paraskevi Church.

At Geroskipou Square stands one of the most famous in the whole island. Being built in the 9th century AD, it is preserved in excellent condition, almost intact. The frescoes decorating the interior are rare and unique pieces, and some of them are the oldest found in Cyprus! Moreover, some icons dating back to the 15th century are still worshiped in this church! If you love the Byzantine era, this is definitely a must for you!

4.  The Martyr Chapel of Apostle Peter and St. Helen. Art and culture never stop evolving in Paphos, and this recent magnificent creation proves this statement. In 2015, Michael Georgiou managed to blend the traditional Orthodox architecture with modern lines, creating a lightweight and appealing structure. Inside the chapel, the iconographies include Virgin Mary with Christ as a baby, St. Helen, and Apostle Peter. Modern geometrical ornaments compliment the icons.

5.  Panagia Theoskepasti church

Designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Byzantine Church Panagia Theoskepasti has a history that goes back at least 1,000 years ago! Its name means “the one covered by God,” and according to a hardly believable legend, the church was veiled in dark clouds that made it invisible to the menacing Saracens who raided the island. The present-day construction was erected on the foundations of the medieval on at the dawn of the 20th century, still preserving though the stunning architectural traits of its predecessor.

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