5 Tips to Keep Your Balance While Riding a Segway

Segways may inspire some fear in some people, due to their 2-wheels design, making them wonder whether it will be possible to preserve their balance. In fact, though, balancing a Segway is far easier than learning how to balance a bicycle or a skateboard.

These fantastic battery-powered vehicles are carefully designed to facilitate riding even for those totally inexperienced. Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy their smooth and environmentally friendly operation, and they will set the scene for some of the most memorable moments of your life.

So, is there anything you need to do to make things even easier during your first Segway ride? Of course! Take heed of the following tips and precautions, and you will soon master your Segway across the streets of Paphos!

Calm & Thoughtful

First of all, mind your safety. Segways are really easy to handle, but still taking precautions never harmed anyone. So, wear a helmet and a couple of safety pads.

Then, the first thing you must understand about Segways is that they are designed to imitate your body’s posture and movement. So, if you want it to be still, you just have to remain calm! Place your feet firmly on the baseboard, and use both hands to hold the steering handles. Balance your body as if you are standing on the floor without setting the vehicle in motion. Then, as soon as you got the feel of it, try to move forward.

  1. Try to Move Around… Slowly at First

As you will soon discover, the Segway will read and follow your body’s movement. Lean slightly forward and will start moving. Then lean to each side and then backwards. With a bit of practice, you will soon master its basic movements. Do not hurry to get fancy though! Make sure your body has “integrated” the vehicle.

  1. Enrich your Moves & Steer Clear from Obstacles

There are tons of different moves but do not try to master them all during your first session.  Keep your Segway on clear paths, and try to avoid rough terrains and physical obstacles, such as large stones, pavements, and pits! Segways are rather easy to learn, but you should not get air above your stations! Play it safe and let your moves become more elaborate and sharp gradually.

  1. Make Sure you Understand Its Limits

Our Segway Tours in Paphos are fame for the excellent state of our vehicles, as well as their advanced technology. Out guides also take care to check all Segways that are going to be used in a tour in advance, to ensure their proper operation, pebble-free wheels and perfectly working parts.

So, there is nothing to worry about upon riding its board. Still, it is important to understand the Segway’s limitations fully. Our guide will explain to you in simple terms how fast it is, how fast you should go, how to move around the town and what you should be aware of are regarding its operation while using it.

  1. Build Confidence – Avoid Overconfidence

A wise proverb says: “The one who thinks he is standing, should beware that he does not fall!” That is the essence of riding a Segway. The vehicle itself will quickly help you build confidence and feel you can easily steer it almost anywhere. Still, overconfidence is an enemy you should never underestimate.

Always pay attention to board’s signs and indications, keep a safe distance between yourself and the steering handles, and if, for whatever reason sense something is not performing properly, stop slowly and ask your guides help.

All these years, Paphos Segway Tours has built a reputation of holding the most joyful, informative and safest Segway rides in the town. With our experience and guidance, you will enjoy your tour in this magnificent town and, with a little practice, safely ride your Segway around its beautiful sights and attractions.

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