5 Reasons Why Paphos Is Always Awesome During the Year

If you are thinking of visiting Paphos, you do not have to wait the next summer. Paphos is awesome throughout the year, and below you can find out why!

There are places in the world resembling deciduous trees beautiful at one time of the year, all dried up and melancholic anytime else. Paphos, however, had it been a tree, would be an evergreen one.

Boasting its fabulous Mediterranean attire, sun-drenched beaches and fascinating culture, Paphos takes pride in preserving its charm and appeal throughout the year.

If you are thinking of visiting the place, you do not have to wait the next summer. Paphos is awesome throughout the year, and below you can find out why!

  1. Amazing Cuisine

Cyprus has one of the most interesting of European cuisines for a very simple reason: it dominates the fringe to the mysteries of the Orient, and has been conquered by many different people and extremely diverse too, from the extravagance of the Ottomans to the reserved British -, it has been a melting pot of ideas, civilizations, tastes and ingredients, and made sure it kept the best of them all!

Wish for some recommendations? Well, apart from the seafood, which is simply exceptional, try also the local wines and cheese, as well as their exquisite olive oil.

  1. Easy Access

Again Cyprus strategic location, right on the borders of Europe, Asia and Africa, affords Paphos an extremely advantageous position in Transnational transportation, especially by aeroplane.

Offering easy access from Europe especially via Greece, but also from numerous other European states, including UK, France, Italy and Germany as well as Asia mainly through Turkey and Israel. Paphos is very easily accessible, and most visitors find it easy to book economical air tickets and accommodation.

  1. Stunning Landscapes

One does not know where to start with this one. Should we mention the flamingo-strewn salt lakes, the emerald dyed waters, the mesmerising forests or the Falls in the Troodos Mountains? No, we should probably start with the magnificent sea caves of the Ayia Napa region or maybe not?

  1. Hospitable Locals

Cypriots in general, and particularly the inhabitants of Paphos, are famous for their warm hospitality, polite manners, accommodating disposition and fluent English. They seem to go with the climate! That is one of the most important reasons Paphos sees so many visitors, tourists and ex-pats from all over the world returning, again and again, many of them almost every year, to enjoy their vacation or even longer stays in the region; and hospitality is either there in the heart of a person, or not. Time, months and epochs have nothing to do with it.

  1. Vibrant Nightlife

Last, nightlife in Paphos is wild and buzzing during the summer, and remains so most of the year! Know why? Because locals themselves love to party! They do not have to wait for foreigners and newcomers to have a kick! Dance venues, taverns, clubs, restaurants and bars of all kinds guarantee boredom is the least you can expect from your trip to the island regardless when you decide to go!

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