5 Interesting Facts about the Medieval Castle of Paphos

You can’t miss the stunning and imposing Paphos Castle at Kato Paphos harbour. Originally built as a fortress to protect the port, luckily the days of having to defend Paphos from Ottoman invasion are long over, and now you can take a relaxing stroll around the castle. It’s teeming with history and it’s also a welcome break from the beating mid-day sun! Step away from the crowds and soak up some history.

Fact 1: Paphos Castle was erected in the mid 13th Century

When you enter Paphos Castle, you’re taking a step back in time. It was built by the Lusignans to replace the castle at Saranta Kolones. You can still see the ruins of this castle today. The fortress is made entirely from blocks of solid limestone, strong enough to withstand an invasion. The castle was destroyed by the Venetians in 1570 but was rebuilt by the Turks in 1592 and thankfully it has remained intact ever since.

Fact 2: There is only one entrance to Paphos Castle

There is only one way in, and one way out of Paphos Castle, and that’s through the main gate. Well, if you want to keep a building secure, then adding in extra entrances is pretty foolish when you think about it. It’s all a matter of security, and when you’re building a fortress, this is going to be the key factor you have in mind. Convenience takes second place! This is also the reason why the windows are very tiny. You don’t want those pesky invaders creeping in through the windows either!

Fact 3: There were 12 cannons used to protect the castle

Take a close look at the castle and you’ll see that there are 12 battlements. Each one was defended by a cannon. When the Ottomans handed over the island to the British in 1878, the cannons were removed and transported to Turkey. They must have look a tremendous sight when they were in situ.

Fact 4: The castle provides a stunning backdrop to the Opera

Since 1999, Paphos Castle has been the most beautiful backdrop to some amazing Operatic performances. If your break to Paphos coincides with opera at the castle during the Aphrodite festival in September, it’s well worth booking tickets, it would certainly be a magical highlight of any holiday.

Fact 5: Paphos Castle has been included on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List

There are so many sites of outstanding beauty and great historical value in Paphos, but one of the most impressive is Paphos Castle. That’s why UNESCO have given it the honour of adding it to their Cultural Heritage List.

No visit to Paphos is complete without visiting the castle. It’s as beautiful and peaceful as it is interesting. If you’d like to have a castle tour with a difference, then how about taking a castle segway tour? You’ll get up close to this fascinating piece of Paphos history, on an innovative and hugely fun mode of transport!

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