5 Hidden Nature Paths to Discover in Paphos During a Winter Excursion

One of the most charming characteristics of the Akamas Peninsula, magnetising thousands of visitors from every corner of the earth, is its unspoiled natural beauty, almost void of any trace of human activity.

The best way to ramble through the area and admire nature’s awe-inspiring charms is by following one or more of the trails running through the area, ideal for hikers and nature worshipers.

Below, you will find 5 Hidden Nature Paths waiting for you to discover then during your next winter visit in Paphos.

  1. The Adonis Trail

The Adonis Trails, named after the gorgeous lover of Aphrodite who was brutally murdered by her husband Mars, start from the Baths of Aphrodite and follows an almost circular route, offering visitors the chance to see much of the area.

Being quite extensive (more than 7 kilometres), it demands at least 3 hours of walking and good physical shape. Along its path you will find at least two springs of fresh water, namely at the ‘Pirgos tis Rigenas’┬ásite and at Kefalovrisia, and numerous others points of interest, including some of the most exquisite beaches of the area, such as Lara Bay, Tzioni and Karavopetres, which breathe a wild beauty and mesmerizing views during the winter.

  1. The Agiasma Trail

Being much shorter in length and more manageable for inexperienced hikers and small children, the circular Agiasma trail is probably the most popular of the Akamas trail, starting from Kathikas, ending to the Pegeia Village and attracting most of the first timers in the area.

Across its 2 kilometres, hikers marvel the towering, imposing rocky cliffs of Akamas and other impressive geological formations, ramble through picturesque vineyards and a stone-built faucet with fresh water. For more points of interest, just ask our knowledgeable Segways guides.

  1. The Aphrodite Trail

This trail was named after the famed Baths of Aphrodite and intersects with the Adonis trail in the part connecting the Baths and the Castle of Regina.

Crawling the hillside of Moutti tis Sotiras, which rises at almost 400 metres, the Aphrodite trail demands stamina and resolve, but it during the winter, when temperatures are much cooler, the ascension is much less tiring and pleasant even for inexperienced hikers.

You will need around three hours to reach the end of the trail, but the stunning Baths of the goddess of love, the impressive ruins of the Queen?s Tower and the gigantic centuries-old oak trees lining the area used for picnics, the sublime views of the Chrysochous and the Paphos Forest will absorb your thought and beguile your mind, and you will make to the end without realizing it.

  1. The Smigies Trail

Picking it up from the Smigies picnic site, the homonymous trail stretches for more than 2 kilometres towards the Neo Chorio, requiring at least 1 hour of relaxed walking. Visitors can also opt a longer route, extending for approximately 5 kilometres.

Posing no serious difficulties to both seasoned and less experienced and energetic ramblers, the shorter Smigies trail will share with you, from the east, amazing views of the Chrysochous Bay, Latsi, Pachyammos and the densest parts of the Paphos Forest. To the west, the trail takes you over the Lara Bay, through the Tzioni and Karavopetres sites.

The longer route includes, among others, the old magnesium mines and their deserted kiln, as well as a thick-set part of the Akamas forest. Ask your Segway guide for more information.

  1. The Avaka Gorge Trail

Last, the only linear trail of our list, the Avaka Gorge path start from the homonymous site and largely follows the road linking the Agios Georgios Pegeias and Toxeftra, before turning east after the scenic Toxeftra Bay. It takes less than an hour to complete the route, which is easy to explore even for children.

Despite being relatively short, the Avaka Gorge trail is full of sights and points of interest, including the Gorge itself and the Pegeia state forest.

Following downstream the tranquil flow of the Avgas River, the path is lined by bold limestone cliffs and successive layers of limestone and bentonitic clays, leading to a serene an open valley and then in the heart of the gorge. This last part of the trail, visitors actually hike beside the stream, whose wild beauty is even more captivating during the winter. The dense vegetation and eerie shady greenspace scenery afford the trail an unique aura.

Wouldn’t it be great, after such a fascinating excursion in the Akamas Peninsula, to finish off your day with an informative and relaxing Segway tour around Paphos most distinguished sights and attractions.

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