4+1 Utterly Romantic Activities to Do with Your Partner in Paphos At Valentines Day

With Cyprus being the native land of the ancient Greek goddess of love and romance, Aphrodite, we can’t think of a better place to strengthen the fire of love between you or even take your relationship to the next level. After all, winter is by far the most romantic time of the year.

So, let us sum it up for you: winter is ideal, Cyprus is perfect, and Paphos is the best destination to spend time together; and below you will find 5 utterly romantic activities to share with your partner in Paphos!

  1. Enjoy a Romantic Dinner Just the Two of You

Paphos at night puts on such an enchanting apparel, that a mere glance can linger in your minds and hearts for a lifetime. Combining it with an excellent restaurant in a terrace overlooking the sea can make this not-so-surprising suggestion the most beautiful memory of your trip to Paphos.

  1. Join one of Paphos Segway Tours!

Being the perfect way to explore and feel Paphos inner charms in less than a couple of hours, a Segway tour around the town and its fantastic outskirts can make a day of your stay in Paphos something really special!

Discovering the legends of the medieval fort of Paphos, the town’s emblem and most imposing historic sight, visiting the quaint little fishing Harbour and riding along the coast that takes you to Paphos most significant archaeological treasures and get a taste of its glorious past and fascinating culture, hugging beside the Paphos Lighthouse while marveling at the great horizon and many more, will turn our Paphos Segway tour to a truly fantastic idea for couples who wish to spend some quality time together.

Worrying a bit about riding a two-wheels vehicle? Check our article on how to quickly master it!

  1. Have a Romantic stroll at the Medieval Fort of Paphos

While riding on a Segway tour around this awe-inspiring medieval edifice will give you a taste of its imposing structures, having a long romantic stroll around its walls, gates and towers will add an array of exciting moments to your visit on the island.

  1. Go to the movies

While going to cinema may not sound such a special occasion, Paphos offers you the chance for an outdoor cinema venue. Hence, just imagine the two of you cuddling together during the sunset or under the Mediterranean full-moon while watching a classic romance or an old-time noir film.

  1. Enjoy a Picnic at Limanaki

No, you do not have to worry about having the weather! Winter in Cyprus is more like spring in most other European countries. Temperatures can get a little chilly during the afternoon, but nothing some warm clothing cannot handle especially if you opt the daytime for your outdoor lunch!

On top of this, the Limanaki is not a site you want to miss during your stay in Paphos! Besides, our Segway tour will get you there and you will have the chance to picture the whole thing in your mind, so, you won’t be able to resist the thought!

Excited? Embrace the moment and book your Segway tour today!